First contact

Well, here it is. Here I am. Look at me, Mum, I’m blogging…

What makes us create? Where does it come from, this unstoppable urge to make stuff. Something out of something else. Something out of nothing. Something better. Whether we need to or not. When inspiration strikes, we’re driven to write, paint, sculpt, stitch, build. Or do whatever our creative thing is. It’s a gift, mostly.

But what does a copywriter write about when they don’t have a brief? No client, no brief. Where do you start? It’s a strange feeling, having total freedom to write about whatever you want to.

It’s not a new feeling, of course. As well as having written copy professionally for over ten years, I’m also a creative writer. I’ve got an MA in it, and I’ve done pretty well in competitions for Unbound and in the 2013 Fish Publishing prize. So I’ve shared my work before, event if I haven’t published my novel yet (try, haven’t finished my novel yet). But this all feels a bit, well, public. Just writing something, and putting it out there for anyone to read feels presumptuous. This oh so modern idea that you put yourself, or your thoughts, on the internet for everyone to see jars when you were brought up not to draw attention to yourself. Unless you were invited, of course. Anything else was showing off.

But that won’t do, apparently. So I’m going to try a bit of spontaneous creativity. And then I’m going to share it. And hopefully someone will like some of the things I create, and be inspired themselves (that would be wonderful).

So I don’t know what I’m going to write about yet. Other than stuff that makes me feel like writing. That’ll do for starters.


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