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Steps to success

Don’t you love to wonder at the lengths people will go to in their quest to create?

Thanks to the Colossal blog, I saw this today: Benjamin Von Wong’s underwater photography

Whilst I find the photographs, accurately described as surreal, incredibly beautiful, I’m just as fascinated by what went into creating them as I am in the final result.  The photographer, Benjamin Von Wong, talks about how he needed to enhance them to make best use of the natural light he relied on. But these are not photo montages. The models are free-divers, supported by a scuba team, and, well, read Colossal for more.

Ingredients for success

Watching his video,

I was struck by how he approaches assembling his team. Nothing new, but simply, eloquently put. Working with the right people. Not necessarily the most qualified, or even the most experienced, but the people who share his passion for what he’s trying to achieve. Working with people who are as passionate about success as you are, says Von Wong, you can’t fail.

Whilst I’m not envisaging anything as adventurous as that photoshoot (but, hey, if anyone’s planning a project on a beautiful island in the sun and needs a writer on the team, I’m there. Laptop? Check. Passport? Check. Toothbrush and bikini? I’m good to go.), that philosophy is very much in my mind as I consider my writing business.

Some of the main reasons for working for yourself have to be that you:

a)       want to do what you love doing, and are best at

b)       want the freedom to choose who you work with, and to pick the right people based on what you want to achieve. And then to achieve something together you hadn’t even imagined.

I work with some inspiring, talented, and intensely creative people in my current job (hey team, still reading?), but how many more are there out there to meet up with, and see what we can add to each other’s inspiration? I’m really excited about finding that out.

Von Wong’s 3 steps to success.

This is going straight on my pinboard:

  1. Do s**t that you love.
  2. Work with people who love the s**t that you do.
  3. Make good s**t.

What do you think? Are you doing s**t that you love? I’d love to hear from you if you’ve made/want to make the leap from employment to self-employment. How did you do it? Who are the people who you work with who love what you do? How did you find them?


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June 6, 2014 · 2:37 pm